About Design Walkin

Design is critical to the health of a business. Most organizations, companies, and individuals typically engage with designers through word of mouth, and are often left with limited options. The Design Walk-In Clinic is a pop-up shop and online referral service that is responding to an increasing demand within these communities for access to good design.

As our patient, we see to it that we introduce you to designers who are prepared to take on your unique design project (whether it be graphics, web, interiors, branding, etc.) at a budget and timeline that works for you.

The clinic provides patients access to specialists who can address their needs during an appointment, prescribe possible avenues to take on to improve the patient's overall design health, or refer them to our trusted network of specialists.

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Your design health is integral to the overall health of your business. Our goal is to assess and provide solutions for your design ails. Come in and tell us where it hurts..

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